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Chairwoman & Executive Director

Shelly is the widow of Arizona Department of Public Safety Officer Christopher Marano. Her desire to protect and serve began in 2007, where she became a Correctional Officer with the Arizona Department of Corrections, she then became a K9 handler for a private organization, and now works with a local company that raises and trains K9 prospects. She is combining her vision, goals, and dreams of supporting law enforcement and canine units by helping in ways others didn’t think of, and together with the support of the community, these will become a reality.

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Assistant Executive Director

With an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice and Sue's love for animals, she recently found her way to K-911 Paws Foundation.  Unable to become a law enforcement officer,  she was seeking a way to serve our community. Her dedication to supporting our men and women in blue and our military is a strength to our organization.  She has also been an event coordinator for over 30 years which has been a huge asset to the foundation.


Terri Bowen


Terri Bowen brings over 22 years of experience in county government and currently serves as the Development Director for the American Lung Association in Arizona. With a background in marketing, museum management, and project management, Terri is passionate about animal welfare and committed to advancing the mission of K-911 Paws Foundation. As a seasoned fundraiser and event planner for over 30 years, Terri is dedicated to driving positive change for animals in the local community.

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Savanna is the oldest surviving child of the Arizona Department of Public Safety Officer Christopher Marano. As a young woman that looked up to her father, she wants to follow in his footsteps as an LEO and become a K-9 Officer. She served as a Sergeant of her local Police Explorer Program. She currently works as a dog trainer as she approaches the age to apply for the local police departments. She has her own Belgian Malinois-Kyra who Savanna has been working as a dual purpose canine training to assist in her future career. 

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Member at Large

Starting his career in 2006, Justin became a Detention Officer for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. In 2008 he was accepted into the Joplin Police Department, where he worked as a Patrol Officer until his return to Arizona in 2016. As of 2017, Justin has been assigned to the Prescott Valley Police Department where he became a K-9 handler in 2018 and was assigned his partner K-9 Kato. 

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Member at Large

Anthony (Tony) Wells has been a Police Officer with the Scottsdale Police Department since 2007. He was assigned to patrol from 2007 until 2013, when he joined the K9 Unit and is currently still assigned. Tony was fortunate enough to have his first certified service K9- Austin, donated in memory of 99.9 KEZ radio personnel- Bill Austin from the Beth & Bill Show. K9 Austin retired in 2020 and was replaced with K9 Logan; another generously donated K9. 

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