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K-911 Paws Foundation is a 501(c)(3) approved non-profit organization that provides education to the public as well as financial assistance to public safety certified or service canine units for equipment, training, medical expensestraining structural needs, and assistance with the purchase of new K9's. ​


Our Founder, Shelly Marano, is a former Sergeant with the Arizona Department of Corrections.  She is also the widow of Fallen Arizona Department of Public Safety Officer Chris Marano. Shelly's passion and love for K-9's led her to a K9 handler position with a private organization, and partnered her with K-911 Paws's Ambassador (now retired) - K9 Millie, where she further learned about the struggles within departments and their lack of funding for their K9 units. It was then that Shelly founded the K-911 Paws Foundation, in hopes to help K-9 units all over the country.  Our Board of Directors is strategically composed of survivors of fallen officers, civilians, and currently serving law enforcement officers. 


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